More pics!

Here are the two other photos we have of our girl.  She does not look at all happy.  I guess all three photos were taken at the same time, as she’s wearing the same clothes.  She looks so sad or mad, but oh so cute.

Note to self: Do not place your daughter in fake flower and expect her to smile.  She’s too darn smart for such foolishness.


18 Responses

  1. Awww, she doesnt look happy!! She is tiny, how much does she weight?

  2. BEE-U-TEE-FUL! Even p-o’d she is cute.

    Does this little beauty have a name? Or being kept private?

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your baby.

  3. She is very cute, even with those little tears. And, by the way, congrats on making it to the RQ blog. You should feel very special to be so popular (lol).

  4. Poor thing! I’d be miserable if I were plopped in a plastic flower too! She’s adorable despite the tears.

  5. Don’t you just love her little feet? Even if she’s mad? She looks like she didn’t want to be set down. Get your front carrier ready, Mama!

  6. She is cuu-uute! It’s good she’s mad — you know she’s got personality! And yes, Do not EVER put her in a flower!

  7. Oh, the humanity! Being placed in a sunflower. Of course she’s a little cranky! But oh, how adorable. Thanks for sharing the additional pics.

  8. She’s only crying because she doesn’t have her Mom and Dad yet! She is beautiful!

  9. Too funny! She is a cutey pie.

    Keep smilin!

  10. I would be pissed too if they put me in a giant flower. Kind of a weird thing.

    She is beautiful. She is going to be dark, with dark hair. I love it.

  11. The very first photo that I saw of my girl was in that same flower! In fact, it is the most prominent one on my desk to this day…the flower starts to grow on you.

    Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL, but then all the babies from DianJiang are. Take care….and if you want to commisterate with another DJ mama, I would love to chat.

  12. Aw, I love how her nanny is holding her hand in the first picture…trying to get the picture, no doubt! Can’t blame the girl for being a bit ornery when someone’s flashing lights in her face….

  13. Congratulations!! She is darlin. Looks like she has a cold. Poor Baby.
    Saw your blog posting on RQ.
    Wishing you a speedy, safe and memorable journey to her.

  14. Congratulations!! She is darlin. Looks like she has a cold. Poor Baby.
    Saw your blog posting on RQ.
    Wishing you a speedy, safe and memorable journey to her.

  15. Congratulations again!!! She is so beautiful. I know I am not going to be popular here but I think the whole sunflower thing is very cute. Given that her name is snow, it is kinda like Sunflower on the snow.

  16. She is so young- and so cute! Don’t worry, all the pics we had of Daniel were of a stern-looking little guy. It turns out that he’s going to be the class clown, I’m sure!

  17. Wow! I have been following your blog for so long on and off that I was so excited today when I realized you’d gotten your referral! Congratulations!…poor little babe, she looks VERY upset! Our Sarah had some funny looks on her face in our referral photos, too…and she’s got a huge personality to match them, let me tell you. I’m so excited to see you holding that little cutie! Congrats again!

  18. I just keep coming back to look at little Snowflake. She’s so beautiful and already so loved. She’s going to be the luckiest little girl in the world! I’ll be out driving and suddenly find tears streaming down my cheeks……. she’s just so lucky!

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