Aleca’s choice

I met Aleca at the end of 1989, when I went to the Providence Animal Rescue League to look for a kitten.  I wanted a black and white female.  I’d just had a difficult experience with a male (peeing and spraying everywhere) and I thought a female would be a better choice.  Also, I really like black and white cats that look like they are wearing tuxedos.  I’ve never really liked calicos; they just don’t do much for me. 

So, off I went.  I’d wander the cages and there was Aleca, coming forward in her cage, getting my attention.  I’d take her out and she’d climb up to my shoulder and lick my ear.  “She’s sweet,” I’d think, “but I don’t like calicos,” and I’d put her back in the cage and look around at the black and white kitties.  Eventually, I’d be back at her cage where this would be repeated.  She was waiting… out she’d come, up the shoulder, and she’d lick my ear.  Sweet, but no.  Over and over, we did this dance, until finally I took her home. 

I’m still not wild about calicos, but Aleca was special.  Her beauty was in her lovely green eyes and in her heart.  She chose me and loved me and I loved her dearly.  She was with me through a hard time in my life, loving me unconditionally, as pets do.  She was the smartest cat I’ve ever known and she just connected with me.  I’d never been chosen by an animal before or since and I must say, it was an honor to have been loved by Aleca.


10 Responses

  1. That’s a lovely story. Similar to the way our Jazz found and chose us. Once again, I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. I’ve always been amazed by this story. Having met Aleca she was never much on displays of affection but she clearly adored you………. I never saw her approach another human other than you……… but she and Flakey…… well they’re living it up right now!

  3. What a beautiful post. It’s funny how our animals always seem to choose us, for better or worse. In Aleca’s case, definitely for the better. I didn’t know that you got her when you lived in Rhode Island- perhaps she approached Mr P that time because she recognized that we had just come from Rhode Island where she was born. Take care of yourself during this time. See you tonight!

  4. When you’re chosen by an animal, it’s a very special thing indeed…thanks for sharing this story.

  5. When we lived with my parents, she became quite close to my dad who made up little songs about her. She was adored by Flakey and also my parents’ cat, Ptolemy, who worshipped the ground she walked on. In her old age, after she became deaf, she liked visitors more. She no longer hid, rather she hung around and greeted them affectionately. Mr. P met her during that time. A few years earlier and she would have been hiding under the blankets until the moment you left!

  6. Sorry to hear about your cat. Our pets are our babies. It’s hard to let them go.

  7. So sweet. I’m very sorry. She WAS a pretty little cat!

  8. I couldn’t say it any better than Secret Agent! She truly was a beautiful cat.

  9. What a special kitty and I am so happy that you had a special relationship with her.

    Keep smilin!

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