Beard Envy

I have beard envy.  When I’m thinking deeply, I think it would be awesome to stroke some whiskers on my chin, but I go for the rub and it’s smoother than a peach.  

Funny thing about this beard envy of mine, my dad has a beard and my husband has a beard (which oddly is quite similar to my dad’s).  What is that crazy theory about marrying a guy like your father, so you can obtain that “thing” you’ve been missing all your life that you just gotta stroke?  Dag nabbit, Freud was right!


5 Responses

  1. Coming from a Jew, trust me, you don’t want any facial hair.

  2. Hahaha…laughing at Nicole’s comment! I tend to stroke my nose when in thought…definitely don’t want any hair there!

  3. I have a lovely whisker on my chin – the only “stroking” I do is a swift yank with my tweezers!

  4. I spewed my coffee over this one…hee.

  5. I hate when that happens!

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