Gottem’ crossed?


13 Responses

  1. I have everything crossed, hoping for good news from you real soon!!!

  2. Crossed. XX.

  3. For sure!!! Good luck…hope the news comes fast and furious.

  4. Dear Elvis, Someone needs to hear from you really soon.

  5. I have basically just discovered your site and I quite enjoyed it. As for those orchids you have… nice… was in Hawaii recently and saw them everywhere… the cats… Do you need a babysitter for them? I would love a cat but that is the one thing the hubby won’t allow… how rude! Just wait until I get myself a bird and he isn’t aware of it… hehehe… Felicity

  6. I came over from 2 Kayaks. I really hope that your referral is in this next batch!

  7. You bet cher swimmin’ buns, I do!

  8. My legs have been that crossed since we arrived home from China. So yes.

  9. To-OH-tally! XO

  10. you know it hunny bunny

  11. crossed twice! Don’t keep us waiting!

  12. I’m keeping everything crossed that this will be it for you too!

  13. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…crossed time two!!!

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