Drum & dance!

Tom, our friend who picked out my drum, had a gig at a health fair today.  He was playing for some African dancers.  I decided to go and watch.  First I watched this woman do some Hula dancing with her daughters.  She is good and fun to watch.  After their dance, the audience was invited to try.  It was fun.

Next, were the African dancers, wild whirling dervishes, also followed by an opportunity for the audience to try.  It was great fun.

After the demonstration, I hung out with the drummers and dancers.  A dance class is starting this week and when I told them I just got a djembe, they invited me to come along and drum.  I told them I don’t know what I’m doing, but they said I can be given simple rhythms to start! 

When I came home, Tom was here, as his wife, Hui-ling, our Chinese teacher, had spent the day learning how to can with The Husband.  They canned 16 quarts of pears.  They were hungry and ordered pizzas, so we hung out, ate supper, I read a few stories to Joy (Tom & Hui-ling’s daughter), and then we got the djembes out.  Tom taught me a few rhythms for me to practice.  One is still going through my head.  Fun fun.


4 Responses

  1. I used to do an African dance class and I sucked but it sure was fun.

  2. That looks like you in the bottom right picture! Isn’t the drumming energizing? I love it.

  3. I love that stuff
    I sit mesmorized

  4. I think if I tried to hula dance with that incredible long string of shells on, I would surely step on it. I am not so graceful. But I can see the energy coming through those photos!

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