Our kitty hospice & rehab

After fearing this week might be here last, Aleca had two really good days this week.  Now she’s a bit more like she had been – a little restless and I’m not sure she’s eating well.  She’s bugging us for food again, like she wants to eat, but can’t.  Plus, I can’t get her to take her pills.  She’s never been easy to give pills to and, darn it, she’s on to me.  She’s not as bad as she was, but I don’t know what’s next.


We got some different pain medication for Reba.  The anti-inflammatory was only for short-term use, which is unfortunate because she only needed it every 3 days AND she liked it.  It was a liquid and she lapped it up from the syringe.  We picked up new pills last night and tried to give them her tiny portion of the pill.  She drooled and foamed at the mouth like I’d never seen!  We even tried putting it in milk with the same reaction.  We wondered if it was an allergy, so we contacted the vet before trying anything else.  They called it into a local pharmacy to have it compounded and made into a liquid.  The Husband gave her some, but she does notlike it.  Not only do we need to give it to her twice a day, but it she needs a lot more of it than the other stuff.   She is eating some of her Dasuquin, which is her kitty version of glucosamine.  She’s still limping quite a bit.  She often stands like she is in the picture (above) with one foot off the ground.  The thing is, her right shoulder is the bad one and we’ve noticed she’s been holding her left foot up. 

Nicky?  He’s a healthy boy!!!  Yea!!!  No peeing or pooping except where he should.  Woo hoo!  But, I don’t want to leave him out, so here’s my boy, Nick the Pirate.

Aaaaurgh, Matey!


3 Responses

  1. OH my god, they are all so cute. I am really hoping and well for lack of a better word, praying, for Aleca and Reba. I want all of Cavatica’s kitties to be healthy and sound!! And i want no more worries for you!

  2. I’ve been keeping you guys in my thoughts. My heart goes out to you & your kits. XO

  3. You know I’m thinking of you and your fur kids!
    Reba may be experiencing some pain and fatigue in her good leg because she’s over using it to compensate for her hurting leg…….. we have a word for this but of course my near senile brain cannot think of it right now!
    I think you need to take your cues from Aleca…… you and she have been together forever and know each other well.
    And poor Nicky! I’m glad it’s just photoshop instead of those awful “dresses” you had Aleca wear!

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