The Husband got me a djembe!  Holy Toledo Ohio!!!  I’ve been wanting one ever since I took a demonstration-class a few years ago and had so much fun.  I’d love to take a class some day.  It’s a beautiful drum and I read that

“the djembe is said to contain three spirits: the spirit of the tree, the spirit of the animal of which the drum head is made, and the spirit of the instrument maker.”  ~ Wikepedia article



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  1. Ahhhhh……. so this is why he had to work late last night!
    That’s cool…. I had fun going on your walk with you!

  2. Cool. So that’s what you look like. It’s always interesting to put a face to someone’s words. (and you look lovely, by the way…)

  3. I like how happy you look!

  4. Okay, how cute are you??
    Love that you love your gift so much and love that you have such a sweet boy in your life. 🙂

  5. Excellent!!! Very cool. And…what a great guy to get you this gift. He must really know you well.

  6. So cool! My sister has taken African drumming classes and owns a drum or two herself…I will have to find out what kind. Your hubby is the best!

  7. I’m from Lima and always looking for to meet new people and places where one can meet and play. Being that no one around these parts even knows what a Djembe is makes it very dificult. I usualy go to Dayton at least once a month. There is a place there, a belly dance studio, where about five of us meet. We play to music as the young ladies do therir thing on the floor. Check out

    I have bee studying also drum construction. I am making two at the moment. I have a woodshop and that sort of thing is right up my alley. I will keep the first few for my personal collection and plan to sell them in the future. They don’t cost all that much to make. I work in a metal fabrication shop therefore can make any size of ring. Other supplies like Dacron rope and goat skin can be ordered through various websites.

    I’m addicted, that’s all I can say. “Let there be Drums”.


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