I’m going to Harvard to study!

Well, I won’t be studying; they’ll be studying me.  My brain that is.  But not until I die.  For now, I’m using my brain.  But, I am now an official card-carrying brain donor.  When I die, my brain will go to the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center for study.  Upon my death, my brain will be removed.  My body will still be suitable for an open-casket funeral. 

However, with all my thoughts on this, I’ve been giving thoughts to what to do with my body after I die.  As you may know, I’m interested in having my body composted, but at this time it’s only done in Sweden as far as I know.  I’ve also looked into green cemeteries and there are a few in the U.S.  None in my state, but I hope to be around for awhile and maybe by then?  If I were to die today I would want: my brain to go to Harvard and my body to be cremated and the ashes planted somewhere with a dogwood growing (my tree).  I know it wouldn’t fertilize nearly as much as if I were composted or plopped a hole, but it may be the best that can be done right now.  Isn’t it a crazy thing that I can do for my pet what can’t be done for me?  Of course, we’ve been talking about that.  When do we know that it’s time to let Aleca go?  Where should we bury her?  Although this is sad stuff, I’m happy that we can make these decisions for her rather than outsiders.  I wish it could be like that for me someday and since I have a voice in this, I’d like to have my wishes honored, but for now… 

… but for now, I’m goin’ to Harvard, Dude!


7 Responses

  1. I agree 100%. Well, actually, I never knew about the Harvard donation, so I’ll have to think about that. But I am signed up as an organ donor for anything, even my skin (which took me a few years to go that far), and then cremation. If green cemetaries are a possibility then yep. I gotta say, composting seems a bit tough on those doing it for you, but I will have to look into it!

  2. Cool!! Weird….but cool!!

  3. Well, Harvard certainly is a nice place to have your brain go. I can’t really think about the other stuff. I’m just not ready to deal with death. It freaks me out.

  4. My brain is currently rented by Brown University with Harvard making some contributions. They seem to need it more now that it has the ability of light up PET scans which I doubt will happen post mortem. That reminds me…….. usually Brown calls me in September….. they seem to be slipping.

    As for pet interment, my babies are in my yard with a memorial garden but it’s easier since I own the place. I don’t think that the physical remains mean as much to me as the memories that I will have with me forever.

    I’m also an organ donor for whomever wants what but as for what’s left over? I’m all for composting. I hope my body is the least of what this world remembers me for.

  5. The Harvard donation is cool….you’ll have to start wearing maroon hats to prepare your brain for its eventual matriculation! Seriously, though, I think it’s cool.

  6. Great. Now I have to think about where I want to go when I croak. I’m still not convinced about creamation….have to think about that. I’d love to be buried at sea in my favorite swimming spot, but that wouldn’t be too nice for anyone else who likes my favorite swimming spot. I’ll be dead, what do I care what is done with me? I am an organ and tissue doner and I don’t want an open casket. I don’t even really like pictures of myself, much less dead casket viewing. Blech.

  7. Harvard would send mine back to FM and then he’d have this gross gelantinous mass to deal with. My brain will long since have suffered smoke damage. The brain smokes with ideas.
    I love the way you are obsessing over the after life. I am donating my organs and have told my husband that if he overrides that (he can) I’ll haunt his ass.

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