Maybe it’s not so bad? + Update

The Husband says he’s been perusing the RQ’s polls and the updated poll indicates that the recent batch of referrals cover a lot of dossiers.  Although they only matched four days this month, they matched many babies with families.  In fact, they may have just covered the big hump of November 2005 and it’ll be smoother sailing from here.  In other words, perhaps it is completely realistic to believe that they will match 10 days worth of LIDs in October.  That or Zeno is biting our butts and we’ll be waiting until November or December or … oh, stick your head in the sand, Zeno.  I believe in fortune cookies.

Update:  RQ poll numbers

  • August referrals: 120 LID polled (7 days)
  • September referrals: 134 LID polled (4 days)
  • Estimate for October: 117 LID polled (10 days) – would cover December 5th! 

Keep in mind, these are only polls, but a lot of people read RQ and vote on her polls and you know believe pray _____________ (pick your personal verb here, cause I really don’t have a good one) she’s accurate.  Like I said earlier – I believe in fortune cookies ~ October 2, 2007. 


6 Responses

  1. I was thinking of you today, sorry they didn’t get further and if leaves things so “open” for the next round of referrals.

  2. Sorry, in my book I think it still sucks.

  3. Good attitude. It really helps when one partner is down – and the other can step in with hopefulness. Sometimes it is better to be on different pages. XO

  4. ya. sucks. I would be jumping ship … hey, I did jump ship! I did SN and if not that I would have gone to another country.

  5. This month’s referral batch doesn’t actually change anything as far as we’re concerned. We weren’t expecting a referral this month (Sept). Our previous projections put us near the end of the group we thought would be referred in October. The current projection still puts us there, so we’re still in “October/November referral” mode.

    Our projections are based on the Rumor Queen’s polls and on recent referral performance, since this is the best information we have.

  6. Fingers crossed that it WILL be soon! We are only 366 – no 367 – next year is a leap year – days behind you!

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