Feeling fortunate

Last night The Husband and I went out for Chinese food for supper.  We both got the same fortune in our cookies.

You will be singled out for promotion.

Since it was both of us, we figure it means we are about to be promoted to parenthood.  And, since these fortunes seem so, well fortunate, we turned them over to see if we could glean anything from the numbers on the back.  The daily number recommendation is: 


which we take to mean that we’ll be getting our referral on September 32, which translates to October 2.  And you know fortune cookies – they can’t come right out and say things directly, like on the front “your adoption match is coming soon” and on the back “October 2, 2007.”  That would be, well, unfortune cookie-like.  We can accept that.  So, we’ve done the translation and we feel pretty darn good about things.  Besides, you can’t go with the Rumor Queen who on one hand is saying CCAA isn’t getting through November 25 for September, but maybe they’re getting through early December.  Nope, we’re going with our fortune cookies. 

Oh, and the Lotto Six #s are: 


We’re having some trouble with that translation, so if anyone wants to help us out, we’d appreciate it.  Thanks!

Ps. Go here for the rest of this story.


7 Responses

  1. Well I’ll take a stab at your lucky numbers. Assuming that your referral date is 10/2 (since cookies never let us down):

    5 – November 5th, Travel Approval
    12 – Time difference between here & China (where your baby currently sleeps)
    18 – 18 hour flight
    22 – Could the double digits mean twins?
    24 – November 24th Consulate Appointment
    36 – Your baby’s luggage will weigh 36 pounds

    You are making this a contest, right? What’s the prize? Ha! Ha!

  2. I like your interpretation of your cookies. I think (hope) you got it right.

  3. we had chinese last night too
    my husbands said
    “a wise man knows when to shut his mouth”

    ha ha ha ha ha!

    hoping the better rumor comes true for you

  4. Desserts don’t lie!

  5. Ah, desserts don’t lie. Tonight I had my favorite – tiramisu. It didn’t tell me anything, though. Chinese-American desserts are better for that.

  6. I can tell you what the Lotto numbers mean but then I’d have to kill you!

  7. I love Tammy’s response — can’t do any better than that! COME ON OCTOBER! Hey, now you have broken not only the 6-8 month threshold, but also the 3-4 month threshold (or whatever the latest one was). I really believe it will be Oct., but it absolutely cannot be later than Nov!!!

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