We put the co-sleeper together tonight to see how it works.  It looks as though we won’t have to re-arrange our bedroom, however we will be cleaning it thoroughly.  We just got a new rug, so when we take the old one out we’ll clean the room well.  The co-sleeper is nice.  It puts the baby near you, but everyone has their own space making it safer for her and roomier for everyone.  We can work on attachment, but still have our space.  Here it is with Pong (or is it Ping?) modeling. 

Speaking of attachment — Reba is coming along.  We made a big breakthrough last week when we took her to the vet.  We were concerned about her because she’d been limping fairly badly.  Well, we got her to the vet and doncha know, she didn’t limp a bit!  He checked her out thoroughly and said that he couldn’t detect any injuries.  He looked for bites and breaks and said if there’s anything wrong it’s a soft tissue injury and that adrenaline could prevent her from limping when she’s nervous (like at the vet), if she wasn’t yet healed.  Yup, that was the deal.  Cats are notorious for falling or causing things to fall on them, so that’s probably what happened. 

It was nice to watch the vet handle her, as we’d had little opportunity to really handle her and we’ve kind of treated her with kid gloves, especially since she started limping and we were afraid of hurting her.  We’d just pet her when she’d come near.  When we brought her home, still no limping that day.  She glided in her elegant glory.  She must have been hopped up on adrenaline because fast forward to the next day and the limping was back.  She’s still limping a week later.  Anyway, she is letting us handle her.  I try to pick her up every evening and have her on my lap for awhile.  She’s nervous at first, but she won’t take off.  She seems to want to be there and eventually she relaxes.  Last night she actually slept with us through the night!

We’re watching the rumors closely.  Those who care about us are praying, wearing medalians, howling to the moon, burning incense, … to encourage CCAA to match through December 5, 2004.  I don’t know.  Our predictions say no go, but what do I know?  I’m not the higher power.  Anyone know where I can get me some eye of newt???


8 Responses

  1. The co-sleeper looks great. I know you are close and I am watching and hoping that your time is VERY soon!!!! Am excited for you.

  2. yo….. I love that co sleeper and must get one.

    my cats were all feral…. as in totally wild.
    the more I snatch them up and love on them…. the better it gets.
    I am very honest with my approach…. not creeping at them…. just straight forward gently snatch.

    and….. It is the joke of the year with me and lame animals. Horses especially…. the adrenaline kicks in and they are perfect
    vet leaves…. lame.

    Did vet give you rimadyl for the cat????
    Usually just a couple days of that and rest is all needed.

  3. and I forgot…. you’re tagged for a meme

  4. whoa…. word press just bossed me around
    “you are typing comments too quickly….. SLOW DOWN”

    it could have asked nicely

  5. Anyone know where I can get me some eye of newt???

    Diagon Alley?


    (That was just for you…!)

  6. I have some newts and might……. might be thinking about a quick trip to your neck o’ the woods in a few weeks……. I’ll bring some newts.
    I have some bat tail hair too……. some times that works well too.

  7. Those co-sleepers are great – that’s what my daughter uses for my grandson. I had it waiting for them when they got home from the hospital. It was a snap to assemble!

    And…I’ll be saying some mantra’s on your behalf! 😉

  8. Ah, I wondered about the baby rolling on to the bed, but now I see that the baby is a bit lower down –perfect. We are definitely considering one! I was going to say something about the eye of newt too — but Sbird beat me to it with something far more clever! My fingers are crossed re referrals!

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