My name comes from Charlotte’s Web.  Charlotte A. Cavatica, good writer and friend, was a barn spider (Araneus cavaticus).  I had no trouble coming up with my name for this blog, as I’ve been using Cavatica for years.  But The Husband – well, he’s tough.  The Husband isn’t really a name.  It’s more of a title.  He’s okay with it, but I never have been.  I don’t like Wilber, even though Charlotte and Wilber were such good friends.  There’s more of a parental role to that relationship.  Charlotte’s so much more mature than Wilber – she loves him, but she’s protective.  Wilber grows through their friendship, to the point that he can befriend three of her children who choose to stay with him.  So, Wilber doesn’t do for The Husband. 

Personally, I like Templeton.  But, to name my dear husband after a rat???  I’ve known some lovely rats – we had pet rats at the drop-in center where I worked and they were quite nice.  But Templeton is a prickly, nasty, selfish rat.  He helps out Wilber’s cause, but only for personal gain.  The Husband?   He’s a little prickly, but not nasty or selfish.  I like the name.  He doesn’t.  I’ve been thinking of other E.B. White characters I have loved:  Stuart Little, Louis the swan.  I don’t know.

And yes, Secret Agent, your Itsy Bistsy post made me think about Cavatica again.  The picture is for you.  At least it’s just a picture!  Sick your Annabelle on it if you must.


3 Responses

  1. Ha!
    I responded to you on my blog
    before I saw this post

  2. I awoke to a nasty spider staring at me from my pillow. Needless to say I’ve been washing sheets all day!
    It’s getting to that time of year again when the wild critters, bugs, vermin, etc are looking for a warm abode to spend their winter. We’ve already had a night frost so I’m keeping the cats on patrol and the bug baiters at the ready!

  3. I need to go back to gradeschool to re read the classics it seems.

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