A wonderful day

Yesterday a friend and I went to an arts festival.  It was a wonderful day.  The weather was perfect.  We talked, enjoyed the art, the ice cream, and paid absolutely no attention to the time.  For supper, I had baked Alaska, which wasn’t really baked, it was set fire with a blow torch. 

Kimberly had some mess of a concoction with donuts, brown sugar, and raisens that was set on fire with rum and a blow torch and then ice cream was added. 

Suddenly it occured to us that we ought to check on our bus back to the parking area, a few miles away.  We learned that we missed the last shuttle.  Like I said, time was just not on our minds.  We asked the security folks for advice and they drove us over the mountain in two golf carts!  What a trip!!!  I’m sure we were a sight.  It was a hoot – sorry, no pictures.  We asked if we could pay them for gas and time (of course, they were working), but were told that we could repay them in an assignment.  We are to give candy to children who look like they need it.  Or is it to children who look like they don’t need it?  Kimberly, help!!!

I bought this print for the kidlet’s room. 

It’s a limited edition print by Phillip Singer called Power of One.  Check out this detail of the wheel on the right and you’ll see why.  That little chipmunk is powering the whole cart! 

You can check out more of his artwork here.  I really liked Amphibious, but the smaller prints are sold out.

I also met a quilter who is very interested in doing the kidlet’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt when we’re ready.  In fact, she said she’d like to add the 100th square and wish.  She’s never done a quilt like that, but thought the idea was great!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time.  When we got back to our cars, we stood in the parking lot (grass) for about an hour and talked, until we were shivering and finally had the sense to get in a car and keep talking.  Eventully, we noticed it was getting quite late and we put an end to our evening.  That’s how it always is with us.  We just talk and talk – about everything and nothing and time is just not a factor.


3 Responses

  1. Sounds like lots of fun, and I love the print you got!

    I have never had baked Alaska. I’m not even really sure what is in it.

  2. I nearly bought that same print at the Mystic, CT artfest last weekend. WE really loved them. Enjoy it!

  3. never have I been served anything that required a blowtorch to make. Well other than Mother in law’s roast beef, but that was just to cut the dead sucker open.

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