Accounting my swims

  • Monday, 8/13 ~ 30 laps

  • Thursday, 8/16 ~ 30 laps
  • Thursday, 8/16 ~ “10 laps” walking
  • Friday, 8/17 ~ 30 laps
  • Friday, 8/17 ~ “30 laps” walking (we walked to dinner ~ picked up a pizza, which we ate in the park)
  • Weekly total ~ 130 laps
  • Grand total ~ 2545, only 755 laps to go!

That’s over 75% of the way to China!  I’m able to swim a little longer now because the locker rooms at the Rec Center have openned and I don’t have to go back home to shower and get ready for work.

Here’s the scoop: 

  • It took me 16 weeks to swim the first quarter
  • It took me 12 weeks to swim the second quarter
  • It took me 9 weeks to swim the third quarter

I hope to swim/walk the last 755 laps in about 8 weeks.  That should have me to China by early October, exactly when we will be matched with our daughter.  Ha!  We’re expecting a baby!!!


2 Responses

  1. Good for you about all that swimming. Excercise is so crucial for the balanced mind.
    But my fav gym with awesome childminding, just gave 2 weeks notice tht they are closing! I’m so choked.

  2. You are incredible. I have done about 10 runs since I last posted, so I am do an update – -at this rate I will finish next year, sigh. I am so proud of you for pushing it!

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