Truth in advertising

Snack food ad says: “100% natural, so you know it’s good for you.”

Diet weight loss ad says: “It’s all natural, so you know it’s safe.”

I now bring you lard potato chips (3 ingredients: potatoes, lard, & salt) and hemlock.  Eatem’ up!


3 Responses

  1. This is the same thought process so many people use for chosing to take herbals instead of prescriptions…… but it’s natural!!!!….. so is cyanide, belladonna, lightening, a pack of starving wolves, tsunamis……… hey, pass me the Chips Ahoy? As long as I don’t know what’s in the cookie it can’t hurt me!

  2. No kidding. There are plenty of “natural” things that are deadly, but hey–if it’s natural, go for it! Now I’m off to drink my all natural glass of goat piss.

  3. I hope that piss comes from an all-organic goat who is allowed to roam the mountains in a herbicide and pesticide free environment! Piss just isn’t piss unless it’s from a free-range goat!

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