White Swan or Victory?

We got our agency newsletter today and they say that after December they’ll be using the Victory Hotel for families on Shamian Island.  As most waiting parents know, the White Swan Hotel is closing for renovations in December.  We’re also told that the plans are to turn it into an ultra-luxury hotel for business travelers and they don’t know if they’ll be welcoming adoptive families when they re-open.  I heard somewhere that another hotel was going to be handing out the Mattel adoption Barbies.  Not that I really want one, but does anyone know about that?  I am curious.  It just seems like such a part of the adoption experience.  Silly me.

Here’s the million dollar question:  Will we go to China in November and be one of the last to stay in the White Swan or be part of a new generation to stay in the Victory?


5 Responses

  1. I hope it’s November just so you can go sooner!!

  2. I’d pick the Victory any day over the WS, despite the hype. The rooms are so incredibly tiny at the WS, it was such a shock to the system after the great hotel we had in our province. You can always walk through the lobby of the WS to see the waterfall…

    but, like Aimee said, sooner is always better!

  3. hoping for november too….
    Is the WS expensive??? do you know.

  4. I agree with SBird, I would take the Victory over the WS any day. We loved the Victory! The WS is within walking distance and you can go see the lobby and use the playroom without having to stay there. We had a two room business suite at the Victory and it cost less than a single tiny room at the WS. I have pictures of our room if you would like to see it. Also, the Victory provided a computer in our room with free internet access.

  5. I believe it’s the Westin Guangzhou which is the new “white swan”. They have been handing out the barbie dolls for 2 months, have the playroom, large, and I mean large rooms (at least compared to the white swan).


    They have the “dream” bed, I think that’s the trade name, no asian hard as rocks bed in this hotel. These are the same beds as any other city in the world.

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