Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today my mom, brother, and I celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday, which was on Thursday.  We went out for Cajun food, which was marvelous.  We each had the same thing ~ seafood gumbo and blackened catfish.  I’ll have to go back sometime for a nice supply of the seafood gumbo.  Wow!  We spent a brief time at the National Watch and Clock Museum and looked at our (The Husband and my) contibution to the anniversary clock exhibit.  Then we went to a park on a river and sat and talked.  We took a few pictures there. 

This was taken in the museum and is kind of neat.  It’s all painted, but in this picture looks very real.

 Views at the river/lake (it’s dammed downstream)

 We asked some people to take our picture.  Hmmm, it’s rather blurry, but the better of the two.

And Mom took one of me and my bro.  Much better.

Finally, this lovely bird posed for us.

The Husband couldn’t come along.  He’s been working all weekend.  Bummer.  I did call him this morning to ask him out to breakfast, so we could spend some time together this weekend.  Thanks, Lisa, for the pancakes.  She started the craving with a photo on her blog I saw last night.  Just had to have ’em. 


6 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!! She really is a lovely lady and lots of fun to talk to!

  2. Happy Birthday Cavatica’s Mom!!!!

    of course you can link……. and btw… you are no reply, they all yelled at me for this 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom, a Leo like my boy. This means she is loyal and charming, true?
    link away my friend

  4. Wow…the Bro looks so much more mature than he did 15 years ago……. funny how time does that!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  6. Wow, how did I miss this ceiling at the clock museum a few weeks ago? Lovely pictures. And happy birthday to mom, too…

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