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I can’t say these results surprised me.  I’ve done this type of tests before and it nearly always comes out exactly like this.  It is believed that dreamers make good therapists, so I guess I’m doing something right.  Although a “feeler,” I’m not touch-feely at all and I can be a little geeky, which is probably why I’m enjoying neuropsych.

Okay, enough Internet goofiness for tonight.  I’m going to bed!!!


4 Responses

  1. Hey!
    I figured out how to add a new image and some photoshop stuff to wordpress. I created an account for myself and puttered around tonight. I can use my new account to show you what I am doing so that you can see if you like the new header, etc. The one I did tonight was purely to see if I could do it. It’s not very nice, but at least I know how to do it now.
    my account is

    p.s. can’t find an email addy for you…

  2. When I took a similar test I came out as mostly extroverted…… the issue being that when you know what answers the test is looking for you tend to skew your answers……. I really wouldn’t put myself at 78% extroverted but this was what the test had told me. But you know how all these silly little internet tests work anyway!

  3. link away! I am off to take the personality test.

  4. I love it!

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