Last night I had a dream that we got our referral and saw her face and learned her name!  Her referral picture was not typical at all.  It was like a high quality black and white studio photo.  She was beautiful!   There was some confusion about her name.  It was either Shuo (1st tone) Hua (4th tone) or Shuo Gwo (2nd tone).  So, I’m going with Shuo Hua Gwo, which means – Speak Language Country.  What do you think it means?


5 Responses

  1. I think it means you’re getting your referral next time….whatever the little “speak language country” girl’s name is….

  2. Not quite sure what the name means, but cheers on having a pre-referral dream!

  3. It means it is high time to get your referral!! And maybe you are going to start dreaming in Mandarin — very cool!

  4. I hope it means that you are getting your referral soon and this was peek into the near future.

  5. It means you have baby brain, your nesting or just straight up YOU WANT YOUR BABY! Keep dreamin’ good dreams like that!

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