Cavatica Creations Jewelry

Click here to check out my extensive (okay, four pieces) line of handmade jewelry.  I posted a few things I’ve always wanted to try selling, but didn’t have a forum.  I tried Ebay once, but that’s clogged with stuff.  This site features only handmade stuff.  Thanks, Mamacita, for showing me the way.  I also set up a permanent link under About Me to Cavatica Creations.

Ps. I figured out what’s wrong with my pictures and it’s a total blog-stupidity thing, so I won’t even tell you about it cuz it’s embarrassing.  Maybe one of these days I’ll fix it.  Then again, maybe I’ll just move on.


2 Responses

  1. Clock pin is cool! Nice stuff.

  2. Very nice pieces. I will keep you mind mind when I need a timeline-extension treat…

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