21 Month LID-iversary

I wouldn’t have even noticed this grand event if I hadn’t read on two other blogs that people were celebrating noticing their LID anniversaries.  I was commenting on one, saying that I don’t even notice ours anymore, when I realized “HEY! It’s the 31st.  That’s an anniversary for us.”  I did the math and discovered it’s been twenty-one months since our dossier was logged into CCAA.  It’s okay to puke now.  How does one celebrate a 21-month anniversary?  I guess the obvious is with lots of drinking and puking.  Sounds disgusting. 

So, we’re trudging along… cleaning cat urine from our daughter’s room.  I suggest a baking soda and water paste followed by white vinegar to make it nice and foamy.  I then hosed that all off the brand new pack and play.  Tonight I’m going to use wintergreen rubbing alcohol, which I’ll leave on to dry.  The wintergreen smell is supposed to fade.  I also hear that plain hydrogen peroxide and Listerine are good (not together).  I’ll say more about the kitty in another post.  But, I’ve become a bit of an expert on urine decontamination.  Oh — and to look for hidden urine (you just have that smell, but can’t see anything), try a black light.  It’s supposed to make it shine.  I’m planning to go over The Kidlet’s room with one.


4 Responses

  1. Ouch. Soon. At least sooner than anyone else I know. And that’s saying something!

  2. Good God…21 months. That, yes that, takes the cake Cavatica.

  3. Oh brother. I don’t mean to add fuel to any fires, but I am secretly hoping your new LID is earlier than Dec. 5.

  4. For kitty odors in the carpet…… there’s a Simple Solution!
    Go to any pet store and Buy the stuff called Sinple Solution…… it got me through how many cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits……… t’ain’t nothing better! Do not settle for less!

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