The Bird & the Bee

When I read that SBirdwas coming east to visit family, I emailed her to see if she’d be anywhere near me.  I knew that she had family in my area and that her family clock, the Engle Clock, is at the museum where the anniversary clock exhibit is that our wedding clock story is in.  I emailed her and she told me they’d be visiting the clock this afternoon, so The Husband and I stopped by to meet The Bird, The Bee, and Their Family.  We had about a half hour together and I must say, they are all quite delightful.  Would you expect anything different?  Here they are.  SBird just said, “cheese” and The Bee is signing “cheese!”  Now that’s a picture-ready girl.  Apparently, she has quite the signing vocabulary, which they estimate at about 100 words.  She also recognized some Chinese that I tried with her.  At least, she seemed quite interested when I said, “ni hao!  Hao bu hao?”  “Hello!  How are you?”


After they left, The Husband and I went into the museum.  Here’s some pictures of the Engle Clock. 


Here’s Engle himself.  He comes out at quarter of the hour.

On the hour, Jesus comes out and the Apostles parade around him.  Sorry for the quality of the picture, but flash wasn’t allowed and it was hard to get a good one of this.  You can see Satan on the upper right.  He taunts Peter, who looks away from Jesus when he walks past.  When Judas comes out, Satan comes down and gives him a shove with his pitchfork.


I also like the Asian clocks, including this clock and watch. 

Finally, I liked this clock.  I guess it’s skeleton clock; you can see the works.  Plus, this is a self-portrait.

Then we came home, I made Chicken al la Cavatica with Nomato sauce and will be eating the leftovers all week.  I love leftovers for lunch!  I’ve blogged a bit.  Now after I move the last load of laundry, I’m going to read some more Harry Potter.  Speaking of HP, we really enjoyed HP5 at the IMAX.  It was cool to see it so big that you had to turn your head to see the details.  The last 20 minutes in 3D was awesome!  Flying thestrals in 3D ~ way cool.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, you lucky-lucky girl! You got to meet tha’ Bird & tha’ BEE! How fun. I love those funky clocks that do stuff on the hour. We saw the big one in Munich – what a trip.

  2. So glad you could meet the Bird & the Bee! Those are some elaborate clocks!!

  3. Lucky girl! The Bird and The Bee. Bee-utiful.

  4. How nice to meet bloggy friends IRL!! Sigh!
    Jealous in the boonies,

  5. […] checking; need help Would you help me out and go to this post and tell me if you can see all the pictures there?  I re-loaded my photos, so my problem should be […]

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