Nomato sauce works for me!  It isn’t quite as flavorful as tomato sauce, but it does the job.  The ingredients are: carrots, water, beets, onion, lemon juice, salt, garlic, ascorbic acid, and herbs.  After eating supper, The Husband said, “so Chicken al la Cavatica is back on the menu?”  Smiling, I said, “yup!”  It’s a dish I made up some time ago that I’ve missed since giving up tomatoes.  It’s nice to have it back.


4 Responses

  1. I’m a bit afraid to ask but what color is Nomato? I would think the beets and the carrots would make it pinkish?

  2. Actually, it looks quite a bit like tomato sauce in color – quite red. It isn’t a perfect substitution, in that it isn’t tomatoes, but it works in the same way and I can have some of my meals back. Hmmmm, chili.

  3. AS long as I can still tolerate tomatoes I won’t be looking for Nomato……. I doubt I could find it up here anyway! There are other foods and OTC medications I’m always looking to be able to substitute….. it’s nice knowing that someone, somewhere is trying to make life a little easier with platable food substitutes!

  4. I never knew that tomatoes were a migrane trigger. Good to know. I hope it works ou and you can rediscover tomato based recipes again.

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