The Defacator strikes again

I’m officially losing my mind.  The Urinator-Defacator has continued his strikes.  Since we got the pheromone diffuser, Nicky hasn’t peed or pooped on anything downstairs, but he pooped on a rug in The Kidlet’s room two times.  I took that up, then came home yesterday to find a fresh poop in The Kidlet’s playpen!  Urgh!!!  I was pissed!  — or would that be pooped?  I went the punishment route, which probably wasn’t helpful.  He has sprayed again in the playpen.  This morning I bought a second diffuser for the second floor, plus a pheromone spray.  I also bought a tranquilizing treat, which he won’t touch.  He’s very finicky.  I think I’ll have to get a liquid and put it in pumpkin, since I know he likes that.  He’s always been an anxious guy, so maybe this will help.  ???  And, I put dry food in the playpen, since cats usually won’t mess where there’s food.  Phoenix, thanks of all these tips.  I’m really losing it and I love my boy. 

After my Petsmart excursion, I went to a nice consignment shop and made out like a bandit!  I’ve been looking for a denim jacket and found the perfect one there, plus a Hawaiian shirt, which I’ve also been wanting.  Plus, I got a third top – all for under $25.00!

I’m feeling pretty stressed today.  Nasty headache, plus Nicky’s antics.  I’m beginning to think that yogurt is a migraine trigger for me.  I had some two mornings ago and had a bad day then, in the midst of a well-controlled week.  Then last night, I had a fair amount of yogurt sauce with a gyro-type salad.  Oh, it was good, but the nasty, tense pain is back.  On the positive side, I recovered very quickly the last time, unlike when I eat tomato sauce, which can take 2 weeks!   On tomato sauce, I just bought a jar of Nomato sauce from my mother-in-law, which is made from carrots and beets and other veggies, herbs, and spices.  I’m looking forward to trying it.  I also bought Nomato ketchup and barbeque sauce.  I might make a dish I enjoyed a lot before giving up tomato sauce tomorrow.

Well, gotta run.  The Husband should be back soon.  We’re taking our Littles (sister and brother) to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the IMAX theater.  Woo hoo!   The last 20 minutes is in 3-D.  Hmmm, those glasses are a migraine trigger too.  I say phllllllllth to that.


6 Responses

  1. Naughty pooper! Sorry for all the potty troubles. I hope it gets under control for you soon.

    I am feeling for you–I’m on day three of a crazy headache and it sucks. It’s good you are able to pinpoint the triggers though.

    Have fun at the movies!

  2. Nothing like feeling that my cats are upset to stress me out and then…… ewwwwww….. having to scoop their poop from weird places is a downer too!

    My “boys” just came downstairs to party while the dog is outside…… my girl loves it when the boys are away and she can play!

    Headaches and pain in general seem to be a theme for the blogging world! Maybe it’s in the water?

  3. Oh my god, 2 WEEKS! Thank god you figured out it was tomatoes. It would be a shame to have throw yogurt out the window too, but whatever it takes!

    And as for Nicky, I have no sage advice, but I hope he calms down very soon.

  4. How very frustrating! I used the pheromone plug ins and they seemed to work for us. Silly kitty, if only they understood how close they are to becoming a nice furry pair of gloves when they do that.

  5. uggg….. did you use feliway???? the plug in????
    Ms Dragonfly told me to try since I have a pisser by the name of Annabelle
    due to barn cats coming onto the porch which I can hardly control….
    anyway… we’ve been doing the electrical in the house and he is one socket away from me being able to plug the pheromones in and they are expensive
    please tell me this isn’t the product you used. It’s my only hope.
    she peed in my salad bowl on top of the fridge… she peed in an electrical outlet, she peed on DH’s back ha ha! and peed on my silk curtains.
    I am about to kill her.

  6. you have toxoplasmosis. You contracted it from the cat. Toxoplasmosis attacks the brain specifically. All cats have it.cats cannot be kept as pets.ref: Hindawi journal of parasitology research.

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