The child care special!

The Husband and I took a 2-part parenting class at a local hospital.  We wanted to take an adoption parenting class, but this was all we could find.  That is, all we could find that wasn’t getting cancelled everytime we registered.  There were two other couples in the group, both very pregnant and very young.  Neither were married; in fact, I doubt they were old enough to get married.  Really they were young.  So, we passed with our diploma in hand, not really expecting to use it when we got a call.  No, not the call, but a childcare call nonetheless.  The Husband’s brother’s family needed to go away suddenly and his sister offered to take both kids (ages 1.5 & 4.5) and become a single “parent” of two with 24-hours notice (I think she’s being nominated to the sainthood.  I sent the paperwork in today.  Shhhhh).  Normally, The Grandparents would take over in these situations, but they were on vacation.  Aunt A called us for back-up.  Each evening we went over to help entertain so Aunt A could regain her sanity take a shower.  We took the kids down “the lane” to see the moo moos and Buddy, the horse, and play in the sandbox and on some playground equipment.  Then we came back to the house and helped with baths and bedtime.  Overall, it went well.  The little one, we’ll call her G, did great, except right at bedtime when she seemed more dependent on a very secure routine.  E was more into the novelty of it all.  Anyway, we handled playing, bathing, diapers, lotioning, dressing for bed, bedtime stories, and nobody was hurt.  Aunt A took the worst of it all, but even she looked less haggard by the end.  She said she was looking forward to returning to work so she could unwind.  Single parenting is not for wimps.  I wonder if we can get another practical portion to our parenting diploma?


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  1. Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes when youre babysitting like this? Like play-walk-snack-songs-dinner-bath-story-potty-bed….OMG, it is 8:30? I’ve been helping out a friend a bit & that time warp trips me up a bit.

  2. Cavatica & the Husband were godsends! Thanks so much for all your help. E, G & I looked forward to your visits each evening… although for very different reasons! I agree with your comment that parenting, with single or double, is not for wimps! I have a whole new respect for parents!

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much Aunt A, Aunt Cavatica & Uncle The Husband for taking such good care of E & G!!! Knowing the girls were in good hands eased our minds during our difficult trip. And as Aunt A says, parenting is not for wimps, neither is being a stay-at-home mom (especially when Daddy is away on a business trip for several days and there is no backup/relief person coming). Oh, G is here & wants to say, “Thank you for playing w/me & taking care of me!!!” So thank you again & hopefully this experience has helped you prepare for the little one when she comes. Keep in mind that we’d love to return the favor someday!!

  4. Such good practice that will be needed VERY VERY soon, I hope!

  5. I just told my 85 year old father last evening that I have been going through the paper chase of foster parenting and the eventual possibility of adopting a child. His immediate reaction was, “Are you crazy? Anyone who wants kids is crazy! You need babysitters and you can’t just fly off to Houston……” I gently reminded him that a very dear couple to me adopted several children a bit more than 40 years ago. Although we were on the phone I could see a light bulb come on with his response, “Oh yeah……..”

  6. There should be a practical portion!

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