Wild One & The Urinator

Reba’s doing well.  She loves treats, toys, and being petted, but she does not want to be picked up or grabbed in any way.  I got her a tag for her collar with her name, phone number, and it says that she’s microchipped.  I put it on her collar, but now we can’t get the thing back on her!  The Husband did briefly, but she had it off in minutes.  So, for now she’s collarless.  I don’t know how we’re going to get her to the vet in a few weeks.  Also, Secret Agent, I got the Feliway Comfort Zone with the pheromones.  Hopefully it will calm The Urinator!  I’d thought of it before, as he’s an anxious boy and yowls sometimes too.  Hopefully this will help him adjust to our new family member.


One Response

  1. VERY cute pics! Glad Reba is adjusting better. I hope the urinator doesn’t strike again!

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