Mom’s nightmare shortened by Target

I stopped by Target today to pick up an iced latte at the Starbucks within.  While I was there, I witnessed a mom’s fleeting nightmare and was impressed with how the store handled it.  There were two women together with lots of kids standing near the exit, having completed their purchases.  One woman suddenly started yelling for her child.  Instantly, the staff asked for a description, including age (2) and if the mother wanted them to sound an alert.  Mom said, “yes,” and the staff sprung into action.  It was impressive.  I heard a “code yellow” sound over the speakers and staff gathered from around the store.  Some stayed by the entrance, others scattered.  Within a few minutes, I heard, “we found her,” and a few moments later, mom was on her knees waiting to gather the wayward one in her arms.  The little one came a-running, having no clue the stir she had caused.  The other children in the group, meanwhile, sat on the floor and waited.  As soon as it was over, the staff went back to their regular duties.  The whole thing was very impressive.  I don’t know if all stores are equipped to handle such things, but Target is and their rating has shot up in my book.  Not only do they have Starbucks, but a responsive child-find system that worked wonders today.

When I got home I ordered this from Target online.  The Arms Reach Original Co-Sleeper makes co-sleeping convenient, comfortable, and safe.  We’ve been talking about co-sleeping for awhile, since it promotes attachment, and this seems to be a very practical product to make it go really well.  Plus, it converts into a changing table or play yard.  I was probably going to order it from Target anyway as they had a good deal, but the above story cinched the deal. 


7 Responses

  1. Great purchase! Let us know what it’s like when you get it. As for what you witnessed today… Target rocks!

  2. I can’t even remember how I got to your blog. I clicked from one blog, to another, to another and here I am.
    Looks like we have something in common. Last year, we adopted our daughter from Yuanling, Hunan, in China. She has been more a year now. It seemed like the time from LID to referral to being able to finally hold her was FOREVER and painfully long. This year just flew by! I wish you the very best. Soon all this wait will be behind you!
    I will check back in if it is ok with you. Will you be blogging during your trip to China?

  3. I was in a Target last year when a similar incident happened. I was in the back of the store and yes, as soon as the alert went out, ALL of the staff jumped into search mode. It seems that this missing child had also wandered off, and she was found very quickly. I was quite impressed when they all responded immediately, especially since most of the employees I saw were kids/young adults. They took the alert very seriously.

  4. You’re buying baby stuff! I’m getting all misty! Congratulations! Co-sleeping is great! I wish I had started with this option instead of trying to get her to sleep between us.

    The other kids sitting on the floor is a GREAT idea. I’m using that if that ever happens to me. P.S. I LOVE Target AND Starbucks. No shame here.

  5. Way to go Target.

    Keep us posted on your experience with the co-sleeper. We have knocked around the idea of using one too.

  6. I am totally impressed with the Target story. I already love it, but now they have my undying devotion. I was considering the exact same purchase! I think we will be home with baby around the same time (yay!) so unfortunately neither of us will be able to benefit from the other’s review.

  7. Cavatica…… I may start calling you Cav, but you remember I had worked for Target for several years as a Pharmacy Tech. We were given extensive training on “Code Yellows”. While I never had to act in one it is very organized and we all knew exactly what we were to do and still have great admiration for this company in all that they do to insure everybody’s safety.

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