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Today we met friends for brunch ~ oh how lovely!  So much different, yummy food, great company, and lots to catch up on.  Afterwards they came to our place to hang out and meet Reba, for a short while before she disappeared.  It was a nice time with oh, so wonderful good news! 

After they left The Husband went to pick pickles.  He’s in the middle of pickle season, making me a bit of a pickle-widow.  He’s been working on 7-day sweet and dills.  Today he picked 191 pickles.  He counted because a man at work keeps proudly, and somewhat annoyingly, pronouncing how many cucumbers he has just picked.  The most recent count was 9.  The Husband has already canned 18 pints of 7-day sweet, which is one batch.  He has four more batches in production.  He also made a 5-gallon bucket of dill pickles.  The sweets go through a different process everyday for seven days.  We have buckets of them in the basement in various stages.  He’s also planning on making bread and butter pickles, which are great on hotdogs and sandwiches.

While The Husband was picking, I was writing a report for work.  I’ve had a lot to do lately and not enough time to do it during the week.  No matter, I get paid for working from home and I don’t mind the work.  So, one of two of this week’s reports are done!  Yahooooo.

On the kitty front, we seem to be making attachment progress.  Reba, Queen of Sheba is out much more often, is eating and drinking from the communal bowls, and is merging well with the other furbabies.  Yesterday she seemed very interested in hopping on laps ~ first mine, then The Husband’s.  She didn’t quite make it, due to a minor fear, but she’s on her way!  We’re having some issues with The Urinator, AKA Nicholas.  First, he used a bed we set up for Reba as a litter box.  It was a little box with a towel that the rescue woman gave us.  It had her scent on it.  We tossed that.  Then he peed on a toy that is his, but she’s been scratching at the scratching part recently.  I’m not 100% sure it’s Nicky, but it’s his M.O., so he’s the strongest suspect.  However, I don’t know Reba’s habits yet.  Still I don’t see her peeing on her own towel and the poops were big for her (I think).  They looked like Nicky’s.  Do you think that my knowing my kitties’ poops has good implications for my future parenting abilities?  Does this mean I’ll be able to discern a “I’m hungry” cry from a “comfort me” cry?


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  1. Knowing your kitty’s poops is a good sign, for future motherhood. Mom’s have to know about that stuff.

    You have a husband that puts up pickles and bakes bread? Wow.

    I think what you are going through with the cats is normal sibling rivalry stuff. My opinion is that it will pass and become a memory that will make you laugh someday. 🙂

  2. I’m glad Reba is making some good progress.

    So sorry for your pickle-induced loss. I love bread and butter pickles, and Mike hates them, so I rarely buy them. Now I want some.

  3. Hi Jolynna,

    Yes, I do make my own pickles. I make 7 Day Sweets and Bread & Butter pickles. Last year I made about 40 quarts of the sweet pickles and about 25 quarts of Bread & Butter pickles. We ran out of pickles in January this year, so I’m planning to increase the amounts to about 60 qt. of Sweet and 35 qt. of Bread & Butters.

    As you might guess, we don’t eat all of these pickles ourselves. We give most of them away. My grandmother made pickles for many years and they are family favorites. She stopped making them seven years ago when they moved to a local retirement community. I picked up the tradition a year or so later when my last jar was empty. I have 2 uncles, 1 aunt and 12 cousins/siblings. Most of my siblings and cousins are married and have children, so there are 47+ of us at the reunions (with more being born all the time). I take about 2 dozen jars to both of our family reunions and usually come home empty-handed. Plus, some of my family get more throughout the year when they run out. We give a lot of pickles away as gifts too.

    I love dill pickles too, but haven’t had a recipe I really liked. This year I’m trying a recipe given to me by a guy I met at my barber shop. He gave us a few to try and we loved them, so I asked for the recipe. I hope they turn out well. I have a 5-gallon bucket of them fermenting in the basement now.

    I raise my own cucumbers. I plant them at my parents’ house since they have the garden space. Pickling season usually lasts about 2-3 weeks from start to finish. It may be a little longer this year since I’m doing more. Cavatica is a Pickle Widow during that time. It will be interesting to see if I can do it once the Kidlet arrives. I’m sure I’ll do some, but I may have to cut back on the amounts.

    I usually looking forward to pickle season by the time it rolls around each year. I’m also usually very glad it’s over by the time I finish up. Then it’s time to move on to freezing and canning other things like green beans, peas, corn, applesauce, tomatoes, peaches, pears, cherries, etc. I grew up on homegrown and home-preserved fruits and vegetables and don’t like most commercially canned stuff. Guess I’m spoiled.

  4. I forgot to say that I use my grandmother’s recipes for both the 7 Day Sweet pickles and for the Bread & Butter pickles. Grandma doesn’t like Dills (too sour!), so she didn’t have a recipe for them.

  5. I do occasionaly bake bread too, when the mood strikes. I’ll either use our bread machine or make it by hand, depending on how ambitious I feel that day.

    I enjoy cooking, so I do most of the cooking at home.

  6. I’m wondering about metaphors for “pickle widow”.

    I seem to remember another orange male cat who liked to pee in curious places.

  7. Cavagica,

    I think your husband is a keeper. That is a lot of pickles for anybody to put up. And he makes bread, too. You might post his grandmother’s recipes sometime.

  8. I have a little pisser too, by the name Annabelle.
    I am trying a product called “Feliway” which is a plug in pheramone that supposedly works… I just need DH to finish the outlet

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