The working name of the moment is Reba!  We also like Lily, but it’s so girly and although she is feminine she isn’t girly.  I’m sure I’ll keep calling her Kitten-Girl as a nickname because I’ve been calling Nicholas Kitten-Boy all his life and he’s almost 8 now and a very, big boy!


And for those of you concerned about her collar color — there is some pink in it and I wouldn’t think of all pink for this kid.  Like I said, she’s not a girly-girl.  Besides, we don’t subscribe to gender stereotyping for our children.


5 Responses

  1. I like it! To the point, but not usual.

  2. I know of a lead sled dog named Reba…… smart dog!
    I didn’t so much mean that the collar needed to be pink for her sex but more because that seems to be the color she eminates. My Phoenix is almost totally gray and she wears a burgundy collar…….. Tucker, a Mackeral Tabby looks handsome in brown while my HiJinx, a long haired mostly dark black/brown needs a baby blue collar….. Phoenix is female, Tucker is male, and HiJinx is female. Gus, my black std poodle wears a green and teal collar now but, by far, his most fitting collar was pink, purple, teal, and black. Certain animals just look better in some colors than others. I would never imagine Aleca in a pink collar but orange or coral would look good on her. I think Nicholas is a green collar cat!

  3. Wow, Sheila – and are there sounds or shapes to go with those colors? I’m impressed! Nicky is currently wearing royal blue, which looks quite nice. But I agree, he might look nice in green. At first I was afraid that Reba’s collar was too busy, but now I like it. I like the bright blue mixed with the pink and purple. Aleca always looked very good in red, surprisingly. Remember her dresses? She isn’t wearing a collar anymore, though. I have no fears of her getting out.

    Boy, if Reba really sticks I can go get her a tag and send in her microchip information.

  4. Oh….. I still have pictures of poor Aleca in her dresses! The look of abject horror on her face is priceless! While my kitties have collars they never wear them……. when they fight, which is often lately, they drag each other’s collars off.
    In the same way as the collar colors I have planted trees for my babies which have gone to the Rainbow Bridge…… Flakey has a Blueberry bush planted by his grave and Bbailey has pink heather by her….. people always called her “Pinkie” since she was so white her pink skin showed through at her ears and near her nose. If they sold them, Bbailey should have had a white collar…… everything about her was white, serene, and calm.

  5. Pretty collar…I must say I like Lily better than Reba. I’ll be interested to see what you end up with!

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