Update ~ the lynx & parenting class

Since we’ve had the kitten-girl we’ve interacted with her for about, uh… maybe 20 minutes.  She spent Saturday hiding in the bathroom and Sunday squashed under the couch.  Finally, last night at 8:45 (I looked) she came out and perched in the window like she’d been there all day.  She tried to catch moths flying outside the screen and after about 10 minutes I went over to pet her.  She loved that!  She’s such a sweet thing, but all in her time.  She is a cat, after-all, and there’s much bonding to do.  I heard her through the night.  I got her a collar with a little bell so I can hear her.  I heard something fall, but didn’t find anything on the floor that didn’t belong when I looked.  This morning when I got up she was squashed under the sofa again.  It’s really tight under there! 

I get to go home early today, so maybe I’ll get to pet her again.  Or not.  We won’t be home long because The Husband and I are going to a parenting class tonight.   Over the past year, we have signed up for parenting classes for adoptive parents, but they cancel the class because no one else signs up!  Finally, I gave up and signed us up for a traditional class, so we’ll be in with the preggos.  Oh, listen to me — labeling like this.   How rude.  My anger is displaced, though.  I like pregnant women, but I’m a little jealous of their quick timelines, easy access to parenting classes (with free tuition if they’re going to that hospital for delivery), and better understanding of more “universal” parenting issues.  I’m sure it will be fine, but I wanted to be in a class that would get into attachment issues.  We could use it with the little girl we have right now!  By the way, for the moment I’m calling her Lynxy.  She’s such a lynx with her stripes and elegance.  I can’t wait until I can take a picture that shows that!


5 Responses

  1. What about Jynx? Or Jinx? We had a black cat named Jinx.

    Sweet story about her in the window with you.

  2. Congrats on your kitty! She is too cute.

    I like Jinx.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Jinx is cute, but so is Lynxy.

    This is fairly unrelated to your story, but there is a new maternity clothing store in a mall near us named Preggers. That makes me want to barf, and I’m pretty sure it would even if I could get pregnant. Just not into that cutesy sh*#.

  4. I suggested No-Na-Me, pronounced Know-Nah-May. However, The Wife (aka Cavatica) didn’t buy into it.

  5. glad she’s getting comfy

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