Surprise, surprise!

The kitten-girl is ours!  We had so many mixed messages this past week about her, but to make a long story short — it turns out that the family that we heard that was adopting her was us!  We were told by two different people that she had been adopted and was going home the next day.  Since we had heard nothing, we figured it was someone else.  Nobody we talked to really knew anything, but on Thursday I was able to clear that up and then the rescue got a hold of our landlord who approved us for another kitty and now she’s home!

Okay, so she’s hiding in the bathroom and hasn’t made it beyond the kitchen yet, but she’s met the other furballs and things are going …  well, they’re going the way we would expect.  We kept her in her travel carrier for her first meeting with the others.  Aleca took a few glances and sniffed all around the cage, then walked off and hasn’t checked her out since.  Nicholas is a bit disturbed.  When he discovered this alien in the cage in the kitchen he immediately hissed, staking out his territory, but then left in disgust.  We then let her out of the cage and she slinked around the kitchen in that funny way cats do when they are nervous – low to the ground and quite quick and very graceful.  Finally, she found her safe spot in the bathroom between the wall and the sink.  She’s just hanging out in there, seeming content to stay right there.

Nicky goes in occasionally and hisses at her and she doesn’t respond at all.  She doesn’t hiss – in fact, she doesn’t bat an eye.  She doesn’t to do much at the moment, but I think she’s just overwhelmed by all the newness.  We’ll give her time to adjust her way.  She just doesn’t know her place in our little jungle.  I’m sure she’ll find her way.  Now if only we could decide on a name.  How is it we chose a name for our daughter so easily, but we can’t think of a name for this cat???


5 Responses

  1. Yeah!!!! that is wonderful.
    I’m so glad she’s yours. woo hoo

  2. OMG, I am shocked after the story of losing her, but glad that she’s yours!

  3. Yay! A happy ending! I thought you were going with Cleo-patra?

  4. Alright!! That is such good news, and so funny about the mix-up. She is darling.

    Oops…sorry I forgot about Aleca in my previous comment.

  5. I love the little white paw. Congrats on the new fur-kid!

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