I might be in violation ~ are you?

Net Authority is actually so bizarre that I have to wonder if it’s a joke.  I have posted photos of small children and farm animals — sometimes together.  Clearly I have no shame.  There were no genitals exposed (that I noticed), but I wasn’t really noticing as I wasn’t aware that this was smut and didn’t think to look.  Until now. 

I do know that I have violated their principles in other ways.  The goal of Net Authority is to remove offensive material from the Internet.  You can report offending websites to their database.  Is it real?  Is it a hoax?  I did a little reading and wasn’t able to determine this for sure.  I did discover that one person reported Net Authority to itself, because they are so offensive!  Good one.

Ps. Blogger is listed in their database, so if you use Blogger your in.  Betcha didn’t even know.


3 Responses

  1. Oops……. I forgot to follow up with you on this one! I sent Cavatica the original link as well as a few other of my more inquisitive friends. After days of “indepth” searching we determined that the site was set up as a hoax as admitted by the creator of the site.
    It had everyone I sent the link to in disbelief! Considering I seem to have the most time on my hands I continued to follow leads. The site first citing the site (say that 5 times fast!) is Fark.com and members from that Blog get pretty obsessive about truth in the news.
    Possibly, the scariest thing about NetViolator is that there actually ARE people who do think like this!

  2. I was thinking about it being a likely hoax, but it’s still kind of a problem as people do think this way and some may find themselves led there looking for what they have to “offer.” Maybe not, though. It looked like most people were commenting in disgust.

  3. Yeah, the tone of it did make it seem like a hoax. But as you guys said, the reality is, there are some who think like this. Sad.

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