Dual adoption?

We found this lovely kitty today.  She’s a mixed Siamese, 1-year-old female, who is being “shown” at a local pet store.  She’s a rescue kitty, that was found flee infested and very skinny.  The rescue had her spayed and a identification chip put in her.  We met the woman that had been keeping her and she said she’s sociable with people and cats, doesn’t like canned food, is litter trained, and appears to prefer it indoors.  We sat on the floor in front of her cage and interacted with her for a bit.  We were told that during that time she was more interactive than she’s been since she’s been in the store yet.  She ate more than she has and used the litter box for the first time.  She also came out and walked around a bit – she’s so elegant!  She’s a little too skinny, though, but that can be worked on.  Oh, and she has stripes – I think they call that a lynx. 

After we came home, The Husband and I talked about it and decided to go get her.  Since she’s a rescue kitty, we had to file an adoption application.  It isn’t definite and we’re not sure what our landlord will say.  She’s so sweet and elegant – oh, and when she plays she makes this noise that’s a cross between a purr and a growl.  I call it a growl-purr.  It’s sounds like a purr, but very deep in her chest.  If she opened her mouth it would be a serious growl!  I think she can be fiesty if she wants to be.  We think it would be good for Nicky to have someone to chase around – and to chase him.  Here are some pics.

The rescue woman has been calling her Regina, which I don’t think fits at all.  I’ve been thinking of other names.  She reminds me of a Siamese my parents had named Zoey, which I like.  I’ve also been thinking a name from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.  My favorite Star Wars name is Padme, which could be Paddy for short.  I like that.  Padme was small, pretty, and tough.  I sense that in this little kitten-girl.  A pharaoh name might be good, since she looks like the kind of cat the Egyptians would have worshipped.  Maybe Cleopatra, Cleo for short, but I think it’s overused.  Galadriel or Arwen are thoughts from Lord of the Rings.  Both are odd and don’t have decent nicknames.  Names are very important to me.  I’d love ideas, so send them along in the comments section. 


7 Responses

  1. My daughter just named a new stuffed pony “Amadala.” I think Padma fits, but not shortened to Paddy. She’s too elegant for that!

  2. Sorry, that’s PADME

  3. Oh, I love her. How wonderful for all of you – Love Padme, cool name. Others? Hmmm….I also love Cleopatra (CleoCATra?) because of the markings around her eyes! You’re doin’ a pretty good job in the name department – but I’ll keep thinking.

  4. The Husband suggested Merry or Pippen from Lord of the Rings. I like Pippen. It’s a male name, but I think it seems unisex. She’s no Hobbit – more of an Elf, but I can’t think of a good elf name.

  5. How about feminizing Pippen to Pippa?

  6. Ohhhh! If your landlord puts his foot down she can live in Maine with Phoenix, Tucker, and HiJinx! Go for Pippen! Or Pippette!

  7. So pretty! I love her, but I am a big zero with name suggestions. I like Padme (no Paddy for me either).

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