Road block!

Yesterday I was leaving the office and discovered this gaggle of geese crossing the road. 

There were just gobs of them.  That was the end of them.  This is a frequent occurrence where I work.  Finally, they reached the other side, where I’m sure the food is much better!

I was a little late getting to my home visit.  Silly geese — don’t they know they have wings?  They don’t need to hold up traffic.  I brought this up to The Husband last year, but he pointed out that flying would take too much energy.  Why fly when you can walk?  They need to store fat and energy for flying south this winter.  “Well, I can tell you, geese, I see what happens when you break a wing when you get hit by a car.  You end up dead in the pond this winter.”  There is no reasoning with a goose.  They are no better than the dudes riding around on their motorcycles without helmets that I complain about.  Darn it, I like the geese.


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  1. I love it when they stop traffic…. It always makes me laugh

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