Nice weekend

It’s been a very nice weekend.  Yesterday was the Renaissance Faire.  Today has been productive.  I got up at a reasonable hour and have been doing laundry.  I vacuumed the house.  I worked on an in-service for work for two hours.  The housework was my avoidance of the work-work.  The in-service work is much like preparing a paper, and when I was in school nothing looked better than cleaning a toilet when I had a paper due.  Weirdest thing — I hate housework, but I can really go at it when I have to study!  The house really needed to be vacuumed though, so I figure it was worth taking advantage of my other-work-avoidance.  I did finally get to it, though.  It wasn’t bad — I worked on the porch on my laptop.  A colleague and I are presenting each client’s case to the residential staff.  We’ve been reviewing their medical charts.  It’s very interesting and I do love this stuff; I just have trouble getting started.  It was pretty cool.  I quit when my laptop battery gave out.  Then I came in, plugged in and switched to the fun stuff – you know, catching up on blogs and blogging myself.  I still have laundry work on.  In a bit we’re meeting friends for picnic in the park.  Plus, I have a book to tell you about.


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  1. Getting started is *always* the hard part.

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