Wedding Clock: Part IIII

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures because we’re both grinning. 

I got an interesting call tonight.  It was from a man who read the story in the paper the other week about the clock exhibit and he saw our picture with the clock.  He lives in another state, but his daughter lives here and brought the paper to him on Father’s Day.  He has a similar clock.  He’s going to send us a picture of it by email.  His clock was in his school when he was a boy.  Cool, huh?

 You may have noticed the title – Part IIII, not Part IV.  I wrote it in clock style.  Our clock has traditional numbers, but clock faces that have Roman numerals use four-character form IIII because it creates a visual symmetry with the VIII on the other side of the face, which IV would not.  Besides, originally 4 was represented as IIII, but later it was changed to IV because the Roman god Jupiter, whose Latin name, IVPITER, begins with IV.


One Response

  1. Wow this post is so interesting. It will be so cool to see this guy’s clock (for you to see it, I mean). I wonder how many other people this clock will put you in touch with throughout the years.

    Also, totally fascinating about IIII. I love that kind of info.

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