Accounting my swims: Dedication + fish swimming

  • Monday, June 18 ~ 22
  • Wednesday, June 20 ~ 21
  • Thursday, June 21 ~ 23
  • Friday, June 22 ~ 29
  • Weekly total ~ 95
  • Grand total ~ 1,750
  • This week’s laps are dedicated to New Girl, my swim partner, and her brand new baby boy!!!!  He’s in Taiwan and just a tiny, little cutie!!!  Wow, oh wow.  Go check him out.  New Girl and I are splitting the “mileage” to China — a total of 6,600 miles — each lap equals a mile.  We’re each doing 3,300 laps.  Lately, she’s been running more than swimming, but I think those miles should count too!  We’re gonna get there, running, swimming… let’s count ’em up, Partner!

       I started reading Total Immersion Swimming by Terry Laughlin and John Delves. I’m quite hooked and have been changing some of my swimming habits, trying to swim more fish-like, rather than barge-like – the way most of us are taught to swim. The Total Immersion method teaches you to swim downhill, swim taller and skate on your side, so your more hydrodynamic.

      According to the book, anyone can learn these techniques. I was able to take 2 strokes off each length when swimming tall and another when getting my power from my butt. Yup, I said getting my power from my butt. Your supposed to use your big muscles (and those are the biggest!) to power the rest of your body, including your arms, like a pitcher does when winding up before throwing the ball. I felt like I was doing that yesterday and it was tiring. I’m using muscles I’m not used to using, but I’m sure it’s good for me.  Also, when I use my whole body to swim and I become more hydrodynamic. Yeah, I’m hooked. 

      My next quarter (to 3/4 to China) will happen faster than the first two quarters.  I did the first quarter in 16 weeks (Ave: 53 laps/week) and the second quarter in 12 (Ave: 66 laps/week).  I also started getting up 10 minutes earlier to give myself a little extra time.  I’ll be swimming more fishlike, downhill, all the way to China.


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  1. Thank you, Cavatica. I soooo appreciate the dedication and the compliments on our little guy!! OK, I need to add up my few laps and my running miles (although those add up a lot more slowly than swimming laps), create a new total and get moving!!

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