Accounting my swims ~ halfway there!!!

  • Monday, June 11 ~ 25 laps

  • Tuesday, June 12 ~ 20 laps

  • Wednesday, June 13 ~ 20 laps

  • Friday, June 15 ~ 20 laps

  • Total for week ~ 85 laps

  • Grand Total ~ 1,655 laps, only 1,645 to go!  (The number of laps I’ve done is more than the number left to go – Woo hoo!!!)

Today was the big day!  I reached the halfway point on my quest to China.  I’ve passed north of Hawaii and am continuing west to the Far East all the way to China.  My next milestone is 2/3 of the way, which will be 2,200 laps.  I only have 540 laps to go!!!  The next milestone is 3/4 of the way – 2,475 laps.  Will the division of space to China ever end or will Zeno keep me swimming halves (& thirds) to China forever?

Speaking of altered space~time, I learned something interesting about Asian clocks last night.  But, that’s another post.


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations! What an accomplishment.

  2. Damn impressive! Way to go!!!

  3. Wooohoooo! You are awesome, woman! I am still pitifully where I was 2 mos. ago, but I swear I will pick it up again. Now with our referral I should have the energy of 10 woman (ha!HA!).

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