Boomer’s adventures

I came home from the pool this morning to discover that Boomer is a lifeguard and that Ping (or is it Pong?) has taken up swimming!  You can see Boomer’s lifesaving ring around his arm.  He’s all ready if Pong needs help.  Here’s the really important question… Do Ping’s laps count toward my laps to China?  We are planning to ship him there for the kidlet soon after our match, so he’ll get to China and meet her even before we do.  So, I think he (or is it she?) has a personal interest in this.  And, if the answer is yes — he swims all day long!  I’m thinking 300 laps a day!


2 Responses

  1. Do you have access to good psychiatric help for the husband?

  2. Oh Dear…
    ya’ll need your kid soon

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