Orchids today

The new purple dendrobium is really flourishing!

The yellow oncidium has dropped a few blooms, but is doing well overall.

The purple phalaenopsis is still gorgeous.  I figure it has a few weeks left, as the white one was several weeks ahead of it.  When the blooms die I’m going to re-pot it because this is it’s second year.


But this is the white phalaenopsis.


A few weeks ago it looked like this.  It’ll be back next year!

Also, I have this. 

The Husband has kept it barely alive and we’re curious to see what will happen to it in the very orchid-friendly environment of my office.  Maybe in a few months it will bloom.  It’s certainly ugly now, but it will not die!  He says it’s fragrant, so that could be neat.

I also have bamboo and my colleague has this bushy thing.  I don’t know what it is, but it reminds me of a head of hair.  I like it.

I took all these pictures right before leaving work at 5:00 today.  They are just awesome then.


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