Accounting my swims

  • Tuesday, 5/29 ~ 20 laps
  • Wednesday, 5/30 ~ 20 laps
  • Thursday, 5/31 ~ 20 laps
  • Friday, 6/1 ~ 20 laps
  • Weekly total ~ 80 laps
  • Grand total ~ 1,445 laps

This was my 25th week, so next week I will have been doing this for 6 full months!  I would LOVE to hit my halfway point by then, which is why I swam 4 times this week, instead of my usual 3.  Halfway to my goal of 3,330 laps will be 1,650 laps, so I have 205 to go.  I don’t think I’m going to make it.  However, I’ll be very close.  If I swim everyday next week ~ 100 laps ~ then I’ll be at 1,545 laps.  That’s an average of 59 laps per week.  Actually, that surprises me, because at the beginning of the excursion I was only doing 22-50 laps a week.  I didn’t break 60 until my 6th week.  However, at that point I was pretty consistent in staying somewhere around 60 laps.  My lowest week being 15 laps (not a good week, I think I was sick) and a great week of 105 laps. 

Anyway, if I keep up the 60 laps/week average, I can swim to China by the year’s end.  Not that I’m really expecting to do this, however.  I’m hoping for a rather petite distraction sometime this fall.  While we may go to the pool, I don’t think I’ll being doing laps (maybe she can ride on my back?).  Nah.  I do think it will be tough to keep up this pace of getting to the pool in the mornings once the kidlet’s here. 


5 Responses

  1. What a great week! You have done such a fantastic job at this!

  2. Ummmmm……. once you swim to China you may have to walk back!

  3. Nah, I’ll swim back!

  4. Well, once the kidlet is here you can take her for walks in a stroller and count that as your walking back from China. There may be “floatable strollers” but it may be easier to do the walking! While the kidlet is with you it can symbolize your trek back from China together.

  5. Thanks for the comment over on Different Dirt and, of course you can link. I’d consider it a huge honor.

    I’m really impressed with the swimming laps thing. I’ve never been a very good swimmer. In fact, I really couldn’t swim up until abou 1.5 years ago when I fell off the horse (literally). Couldn’t do yoga or run so I taught myself how to swim. Still suck at it, and I really admire those ladies at the pool that can just go back and forth, w/o stopping at each end (like me). You must be one of those women. Cool.

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