Sometimes I hate it when the subject of our adoption comes up.  Not because I don’t like to talk about it, but because I think our story just doesn’t sound believable to those outside the China adoption community anymore.  How can it possibly be that you’ve been waiting for 6-8 months since October 2005?  This whole thing really unbelievable, especially if you aren’t standing in line and checking into the Rumor Queen constantly. 

In honor of the kidlet, what do you think she’s doing right now?  It’s 4:51 tomorrow morning.  I think she’s sleeping quietly, sucking her thumb, and dreaming about cool parents in a land far, far away.  In honor of the 30th anniversary of the first Star Wars movie, I think she’s really excited that her mommy’s a Star Wars fan.  May the Force be with you, little one.


6 Responses

  1. She’s dreaming of her first little light sabre…

  2. I was tag surfing and saw this entry. I just wanted to say, I am adopting from Haiti. Our dossier was completed and in country in September of 2005. We accepted our referral in December 2005… and we wait. I get tired of answering when too.

  3. I’m a bit unsure why people are in disbelief about a 2 year wait. Maybe because I was adopted but I’ve always known that the wait for adopting a young, healthy child has always been a long period of time…… it took 2 years for my parents to adopt my brother and that was 42 years ago. Because I was the second child my parents adopted the wait was less than 6 months but this was 40 years ago, before legalized abortion and birth control.
    Many people do not know how blessed they are to be able to have children naturally…… I wish there were a way to create a 2 year wait before people giving birth by natural means have their children too……. it’s a life long commitment that many people go into without thought.

  4. Celebrating Star Wars from one fan to another!

  5. As you know we started in 2005 and I think we’ll be going to China in 2009..so I’ve given up telling everyone..oh another two years..another two years…what did you say again..oh yes another two years..I’m sure you said that two years ago..yes I did.

  6. Bleh!!! Now I believe it’s 7:30 in the morning (or close — I always get it wrong). I think her nanny is feeding her breakfast and singing her a little song.

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