Too funny not to share

These are a few search engine terms that people used that brought them to my blog in the past several days.  Some of them just crack me up.

  • Chinese swears
  • “new life” china adoption blog
  • curse words stored different part of bra
  • tiny worm in my dog’s poop
  • girl strong glasses toes nearsighted fee
  • caribbean sailing red thread
  • ma ma hu hu chinese
  • michelangelo david magnet set dress me u
  • Muzzy Chinese
  • On average, what size tip do you leave a

My favorites are “curse words stored different part of bra.”  What exactly do you think this person was looking for?  And, “girl strong glasses toes nearsighted fee.”  Seems like a weird combination.  I hope I was able to help. 


3 Responses

  1. I love checking out my search engine words! You’ve got some good ones there!!

  2. Yeah, what do toes have to do with being nearsighted and wearing glasses? Strange.

  3. Hilarious! Those are the definitely the two that stuck out to me. I never got any weird search terms — hopefully that wasn’t an indictment on how interesting my blog was (is).

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