Raptor update + books

A few asked about the future of the raptors.  Unfortunately, Shaver’s Creek no longer has the funding for rehab, so the birds they have are long-timers.  They are birds that wouldn’t make it in the wild, even with rehab.  They are missing wings, eyes, or have other significant disabilities.  The sanctuary cares for them and uses them for educational purposes.  One of the things they told us, was that people shouldn’t throw old food – apple cores and the like – out of their cars.  They may be biodegradable and therefore not litter, but they attract small animals to the roadside, which attract raptors.  Both the small animals and raptors get hit.  That’s how their birds ended up in their sanctuary instead of flying free.  Very sad.

I didn’t mention the books we bought.  One is a storybook to read to the kidlet ~ Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss.  It’s about a spider who keeps a daily diary.  What I like is it teaches children that they don’t need to be afraid of spiders.  In fact, the spider’s biggest fear is seeing the underside of a shoe coming his way!  Although I tend to startle when I see a spider, that’s just a knee-jerk reaction.  My next response is, “oh, hello buddy.  How ya doin’?”  Cronin and Bliss have also written and illustrated Diary of a Worm.  The other book is Sharing Nature with Children by Joseph Cornell.  It has 50 activities to do with children to teach them about the natural world.  It looks very interesting.


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  1. I LOVE Diary of a Spider, and the first one, Diary of a Worm.

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