Pet Peeve ~ No helmets

The other day I was driving and I saw a man and woman on a scooter, neither were wearing helmets, they were in heavy traffic, AND the driver was on a cell phone!!! 

Can I just say, “STUPID!!!”  I wish I had a work pamphlet with me, so I could have handed it to them.  I work at a brain injury rehab and I think they may be needing a good referral for a few miles down the road.  I try very hard not to rant about this everytime I see an idiot person out there without a helmet or seat-belt on.  But this was so over-the-top, that I just won’t stop myself. 

Most of our clients were in motor vehicle accidents.  Many weren’t using seat-belts or wearing helmets.  I gotta tell you, those bikers look damn cool out there on the road with their tattoos now, but they don’t look so cool when they are wasted to nothing and have to relearn to talk, walk, poop on demand, think, and behave in just about every way.  It’s hard to swagger in a wheelchair.  And it’s hard to look cool when you’re drooling all the time.  For some the closest they can come to cool is to say, “damn” now and then.  And you say that slow, with two syllables for full, cool effect.


2 Responses

  1. UGH!!!! I almost called you tonight about this very thing and here you are blogging about it!
    Four wheeling is BIG up here and there was a older guy speeding across the field with his 4 year old granddaughter holding onto him sitting on the back rack!…. no helmets!
    I yelled to him to put a helmet on her at least and he said, “I don’t plan on letting her fall off!” I yelled back explaining that I forgot that people planned for being in accidents and only were prepared at that time!
    Maybe this sounds selfish but I can imagine this little kid, and later her older sister getting a severe head injury and my state taxes paying for them the rest of their lives!
    People are SO STUPID!!! The state and towns even provide bike helmets to kids at no cost!!!!

  2. […] There is no reasoning with a goose.  They are no better than the dudes riding around on their motorcycles without helmets that I complain about.  Darn it, I like the […]

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