Museum exhibit & our wedding clock

Our wedding clock story is going to be included in an exhibit at a clock museum for six months.  The opening is in mid June.  The exhibit will be featuring anniversary clocks, which are 400-day clocks which need to be wound every 400 days.  Most people wind them once a year, picking some meaningful date, so they are often given as wedding or anniversary gifts.  Our wedding clock is not an anniversary clock and we will not be loaning it to the museum.  Here’s a wedding photo of us with the clock. 

We started the clock at the end of our ceremony and it has come to represent our marriage.  About three years after our wedding we had a One Millionth Tick Party.  When I heard the clock museum was having an anniversary clock exhibit and were looking for clocks that represent relationships, I wrote to them.  I explained that we didn’t have an anniversary clock, but that our clock definitely represents our marriage.  We bought it as an engagement-wedding gift to each other, we started it at our wedding, it has a prominent place in our house, and the tick can be heard throughout the house.  I think of it as the heartbeat of the house.  Even though we won’t loan them the clock (it’s too big and prominent to give up for six months), they are interested in our story and we are giving them wedding pictures. 

Tonight a reporter from a local newspaper called.  She’s coming next Tuesday, with a photographer, to interview us for an article about the exhibit opening.  Nifty.  Maybe when the exhibit begins, I’ll post the relevant pictures.  If you’re interested in specifics about the exhibit, email me and I’ll tell you more. 


2 Responses

  1. That is so cool!! Is it the local clock museum?

  2. Oh, more details and photos from the newspaper/exhibit. Will you still remember the little people now that you are famous?

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