Aleca, the vet, and the pumpkin kitties

I took Aleca to the vet this afternoon.  At 17-years-old, she’s beginning to have some issues.  She’s down to 9 pounds from 12 at her last visit a year and a half ago.  She had a blood test to check her thyroid function.  Her thyroid didn’t feel right to the vet and her heart rate was very high, even accounting for the high stress situation of going to the vet.  This could be related to the thyroid, so we’re starting there.  I’ll learn the results tomorrow. 

Also, she’s been chronically constipated for months.  She’s never been a big drinker, but now this is a problem.  The vet recommended pumpkin and/or cantalope!  So, off to the store we went for a can of pumpkin.  I got a small one to start in case she didn’t like it, but no problem there.  I put a spoonful in a bowl; she had her fill and Nicky (who doesn’t eat anything but his usual kibble) finished it up!  Who knew cats would eat fruit?  Not me!  I guess I’ll be buying the big cans.  Plus, it’s a lot less stinky than canned cat food, which is a huge turn-off.  The vet recommended freezing big cans in ice cube trays and putting out one at a time ~ perfect serving sizes.  I got me two pumpkin-eating kitties!

I’ll keep you posted on the test results.  I’m hopeful, but the old lady is 17.  That’s 76 in human years.  But she’s my baby.  She picked me out just 17 years ago. 


3 Responses

  1. I hope things are ok. Let us know.

  2. All my pets, cats, dog, and ferrets love pumpkin……. it’s all pretty weird! I should have thought of that when you called about Aleca a few months ago!
    Aleca is like my link to My dear departed, Frosted Flake….. they always enjoyed each other’s company!
    The dog enjoys squash pie filling and sweet potatoes too! Might just be an orange thing!
    I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for Aleca…… too many kitties at the Rainbow bridge for now so she needs to hang out around here for another few years!

  3. Pumpkin! Who would have thought? I really hope it does the trick with her system. Thinking good thoughts for your 17 y.o. baby.

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