Our Sunday

The Husband and I trekked to Trader Joe’s in Wilmington, Delaware today.  After a lot of recent chatter on the ALT Board, plus others I know talking about it, it’s been on my mind.  My other plans for the day weren’t quite panning out, so I said to The Husband, “wanna go to Trader Joe’s?”  He was in and off we went.  I think it’s pretty neat and wish there was one closer to home, but I’m not going to travel 1.5 hours just to grocery shop often.  Best thing we bought so far?  Ginger snaps.  They have ground ginger and pieces of candied ginger in them.  The candied ginger is sort of the equivalent of biting into a raisin only better.  Oh, and I got another orchid!  I’m not sure what this one is.  I’ll post photos of both new ones tomorrow.  It’s gorgeous!!!

Next we went to a store called World Market.  We found this portable jungle for the kidlet.  Here are pictures. 

Nicky and Aleca seem to approve.

It was nice to have a road trip.  The Husband and I always have nice conversations in the car.  Today’s main themes ~ religion, science, and parenting.


7 Responses

  1. We are getting a Trader Joe’s right outside our neighborhood! I can’t wait!!

  2. What is Trader Joe’s??? Never heard of it & I’ve lived in 4 states. Oh, Big E & Little G say “Hi Aunt C”.

  3. We’re getting one too, I’ve never been before either.

    World Market is wonderful… I love that store…
    It’s a 45 minute drive for me, but I will stock up on wine and cool stuff when I’m there.

  4. TJs ginger snaps rock! Great choice. Sorry that it is so darn far you. Hopefully it was worth the drive. I think that it would have been for myself. Thanks for reminding me of what I take totally for granted. Totally. XO

  5. Love The Jungle! Great kidlet score!

  6. Ah, cost plus world market? That place rocks.

    Check out the granny smith apple juice at TJs. And ask an employee how well they are treated at that store- good benefits, stock options. . .

  7. Omg, Nicky and Aleca with the jungle set is priceless! Love both those stores!

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