Our day

We’ve been working on a garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  The Husband has been digging up new sections of flower beds and we spent much of today planting and mulching.  We planted many perennials and annuals in bright colors, mostly red and purple.  The annuals don’t have flowers now and may not bloom this year, so we got the annuals so we have something pretty to look at this year.  We also have a few hummingbird and butterfly feeders. 

Our neighbors were having a yard sale and people were coming and going while we were working.  I noticed an older couple staring at our house.  I was curious, so I approached them.  The woman said that she was born in our house and had lived there until she was 14-years-old.  I asked if she’d like to come in for a tour.  She was thrilled!  We took her all through the house.  Both she and her sister were born in our bedroom.  She was telling us little details about the house before we got there.  She was so excited,  saying she’s driven by many times, wishing she could see the inside again.  Her sister would like to as well, so we gave them our name and phone number.  The sister has already left one message to arrange a tour. 

While we were shopping for more flowers The Husband spotted an orchid on sale with several buds on it.  My white one is about to drop two flowers and I’m sure the purple one is on the way out too.  So, I grabbed this baby and will have something blooming in a few weeks I’m sure!  The buds are still pretty small.  It’s a dendrobium.  My others are phalaenopsis.  From what I’m reading it looks as though their blooming schedules are opposite, so maybe I can pull off having blooming orchids all year long.  I’m really excited to see what color the blooms will be!  I’ll post a picture when I can get a nice one of it, but it isn’t pretty yet.  Maybe I need to start a new category just for my orchids.  I didn’t expect this to become such a big blog thing.


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