Accounting my swims

  • Monday, May 14 ~ 20 laps
  • Wednesday, May 16 ~ 20 laps
  • Tuesday, May 18 ~ 10 laps
  • Weekly total ~ 50 laps
  • Grand total ~ 1305 laps, only 2025 to go!

Today I started a new routine that will have to continue until the end of July.  The community center is in the middle of major renovations and the locker rooms will be closed until then ~ no lockers, no showers!  So, I’m getting up and going directly to the pool with just a cover-up.  Then back home for a shower and the rest of my morning routine.  It didn’t go so well today because I forgot my goggles.  A woman loaned me a pair, but they didn’t fit right.  I fiddled with them for awhile, then gave up and swam without.  That’s why I only did 10 laps today.  Hopefully, I can still pull off 20 laps each morning I swim.  I can’t wait to see the place at the end of July when this is all done.  Right now we walk through a construction zone to get to the pool.  The new work out room looks awesome!


2 Responses

  1. I can’t swim without getting water up my nose. It’s awful.
    keep going

  2. Yay! I’m sure you won’t forget your goggles once you get into the new routine. I’m sure it’ll be nice to have a “new” facility!

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